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Uffish Thought
[personal profile] inmyriadbits and I wrote a little Miss Fisher trifle on Tumblr -- now on AO3 as slow as a wet week. Phryne/Jack flirting, naturally, and guest-starring Mr. Butler in all his butler glory.


In other recent accomplishments, I have wrestled my inbox down to a single page for the first time in like three months. This is doomed not to last, but the satisfaction right now is excellent.

Of course, a fair number of those emails are unanswered comments.... Sorry, ya'll. /o\

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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! You share one of these tiny fandoms with me, so I already like you and will be delighted by whatever you choose to write for me -- but if you like knowing more about my tastes or the particular things I like/want for these fandoms, read on! (or, if you've hit the 'oh god what have I done' stage of getting your assignment, I've included some plot bunnies to kick your brain out of the panic zone ♥)

An incomplete list of things I likeCollapse )

Banlieue 13Collapse )

Political AnimalsCollapse )

Books of the RaksuraCollapse )

TemeraireCollapse )

Rivers of LondonCollapse )

You're NextCollapse )

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Today, I took my 93-year-old grandmother to vote for Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte. ♥ (this was actually a tad surprising, since she is *also* the kind of person who listens to Rush Limbaugh, but apparently the abortion debate cranked her off enough to take up the opposition. Atta girl, Granny.)

My other pasttimes lately have been avoiding my email and other forms of communication with people while watching the entirety of Lewis, and consequently falling prey to all the Oxford scenery and doing my annual re-read of Gaudy Night. I haven't even considered Yuletide yet. Ack.

I continued on to re-read Murder Must Advertise, which is my favorite of the non-Harriet novels, and was struck once again by how acutely, almost depressingly perceptive Dorothy Sayers was. Her cynical observations about advertising still ring true 80-odd years later, as do vast swathes of Gaudy Night -- the discussions about women and education, the scene where Annie's daughter proclaims her intention to run a garage and drive a motorcycle, Harriet's thoughts about partnership, profession, and marriage.... Aside from loving the cases and the shenanigans and Peter's piffle, I get something new out of her books every time.

Anyway. Lewis! spoilers through S7 (aka S8 US, because PBS is dumb)Collapse )

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So, [personal profile] inmyriadbits managed to give herself a mild concussion this weekend! She is restricted from watching TV, reading, or computers until she’s feeling better. However, the doctor said audio stuff was fine, so if anyone has any podfic or audio fandom recs, I’d appreciate them! We’re already fans of Welcome to Night Vale, and I’ve got Cabin Pressure on the list, plus the Rivers of London audiobooks.

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All of you people who talked to me about Lewis and Endeavour on my last post are on notice for not warning me about:

1) Endeavour S2 ending on a cliffhanger! With no new eps until NEXT YEAR! GRRRRR.

2) Hathaway. OMG HATHAWAY. Please lean on things and furtively smoke cigarettes and deadpan snark a little harder while making delighted hearteyes at Lewis and magically getting him to laugh at your nerd jokes. ♥ We're only through 2x05 but Linds has mildly spoiled herself by reading fic, and she tells me he has EVEN MORE tragic backstory lurking in the wings! :D

([personal profile] philomytha, please also join me in convincing Linds to write a Lewis/RoL crossover, because Peter + Hathaway being lanky nerds and atypical coppers at each other would be hilarious.)

I am slightly disappointed but not surprised that Lewis is too big to be a Yuletide fandom this year. I am *slightly* behind the curve on this one, I'm afraid.

However, I did get my YT nominations in early this year, prompted by an anon plea on Tumblr:
-B13 (as usual; also the subject of said anon plea)
-Political Animals (I NEED fix-it fic for TJ's...entire life, basically), and
-the Mission Impossible movies
Although no one has nominated Books of the Raksura yet, so I may change that last one. (hint hint)

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Doing this a little early today, since we're throwing a party later and I fully expect to be drunk until the wee hours:

1) Picked up my pull-list at the local comics store. My favorite cashier was sadly not there to check me out -- she is an adorable gawky button of a human being -- but another lady with purple hair took care of me. We agreed that Kamala Khan is The Best, and pondered the question of why Wolverine is always teamed up with teenaged girls. If you're not reading Ms. Marvel, YOU REALLY SHOULD because spoilers for Ms. Marvel #6-8Collapse ) The art is amazing all around, especially the tiny background text jokes: just in #8, there was the Pedantic Monthly article they get assigned for homework, a "Blerf Alley Boxes" logo on a box in an alley, "Beware of Racoons" sign, a hilariously mislabeled classroom map, and a shirt that reads "Keep Calm, I am Persian Like The Cat". And that's in addition to the fabulous character work. ♥

Which reminds me, is anyone else reading She-Hulk? I was trepidatious when Javier Pulido took over as series artist because I hated his work on Hawkeye, but his style works really well on She-Hulk. Bizarre! And I find it interesting to see the contrast between Clint and Jennifer's approaches to their non-superhero work: where Clint is pathologically incapable of asking for help, Jennifer is constantly networking and calling in old friends and doing favors. At first I thought it was just making for some great cameos, but a few have turned plot-relevant and it looks to be a series trend. spoilers for She-Hulk #8Collapse )

2) Lindsey's Miss Fisher Blu-rays came in the mail today. Everyone's faces in extreme high-def! :D

3) Om nom nom half-birthday cake made of deliciousness and fudge. I've managed to resist eating any before the party, but it sure *smells* good....

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Ahem. Continuing the positivity meme:

1) I get a free facial earlier today! I've never had one before; it was nice.

2) Can You Slash Green Eggs and Ham? made me LOL.

3) Today I did my weekly shiatsu session/studying, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, organized my closet, did dishes, made meatloaf, and did laundry. My feet kinda hurt, but my virtue level is sky high.

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1. Treated myself to breakfast today, since it's my day off. A local diner with strong notes of hippie has this dish called the Paris, Texas platter (after the town), which consists of french toast and migas. Om nom nom, and there's always leftovers.

2. Went to see Maleficent finally - not a great movie by any standard, but Angelina Jolie with wings was *very* good for me. I stifled the urge to rewrite the entire narrative to make the pacing not suck. Upon checking AO3, I was happy to see that half of the fandom *also* ships Maleficent and her oddly-hot shapeshifting raven servant, and this modern magic AU was quite darling. (arsenicjade, I think you'd like it once the series is finished - all about a couple of emotionally fucked-up people becoming friends and rescuing each other in quiet ways and falling in love. Plus, the raven shapeshifter fellow likes to feed Maleficent, because raven courtship is the best. :D)

3. ...helped my friend with her migraine? We have a standing practice session to help me learn shiatsu, but she couldn't drive today so I went over to her and tried out a few migraine techniques to help. I guess it's a positive thing that she felt better when I left, but I just don't like seeing my friends in pain.

I have to stop posting these after midnight. Maybe tomorrow-- Today! I mean today. *facepalm*

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So apparently half my flist likes Lewis, even though I have never seen any of ya'll talking about it. Adding it to the queue!

Three things for today:

1) I got a massage tonight after my shift ended. Mmmm, best employee discount ever.

2) Wrote about 700 words of a fluffy Jack/Phryne story which immediately headed into PWP territory, because Leupagus has been bewailing the lack of porn in the fandom and I was moved by her pleas. Hopefully the sex won't suck when I finish writing it; at least I'm fairly confident that the banter is up to par. :)

3) [personal profile] philomytha wrote Blessings, a Peter/Nightingale mpreg story for Rivers of London -- yes, you read that right. Mpreg is absolutely not a trope I normally enjoy, but it's [personal profile] philomytha so I dove straight in regardless. The story had me muffling my hysterical laughter on a break at work, and features a fertility goddess with a remarkably pragmatic direct approach and Nightingale being unflappable. SO GREAT.

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[personal profile] ignipes tagged me for this meme: The rules: during the next five days, post three positive things about your day and ask three people to do the same so the positive attitude can gain some ground.

I meant to do this before midnight, so let's just pretend it's still Tuesday:

1) As I discovered on my way to work. Pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks! I was very well-caffeinated today.

2) I have several clients tell me how they were feeling better from my massages -- long-term, not just the usual staggering out of the room looking blissed out, which is also nice but much more common. Massage is a very rewarding job. :)

3) Watched the second episode of Endeavour with [personal profile] inmyriadbits, which was recced to us by a friend when Lindsey pimped Miss Fisher at her this weekend (said friend has been binge-watching period BBC dramas, apparently). Morse continues to be an endearingly awkward turtle with deadly cheekbones, full of obscure nerdery and occasional indignation that overcomes his quietness -- exactly how I like my detectives. His mentorship by Thursday is so great and gruff, and I could listen to Thursday's lovely resonant voice for ages. Plus, there are massive quantities of Oxford rooftop cinematography porn. I am easy.

Wondering a bit if I should check out Lewis, since I remember that having a tiny fandom recently. Anyone of ya'll watch that?

ETA: whoops, forgot to tag people. Um, [personal profile] inmyriadbits, [personal profile] philomytha, and [personal profile] icepixie!

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